Sunday, December 4, 2016

The New President...Continued 2

I keep thinking a lot about what is going on in politics and instead of writing an essay I feel like just penning my thoughts as bullet points.
  • I think Kellyann Conway should have a word limit or time limit for her answers.
  • I think all news agencies should hire one person specifically for deciphering and
    handling Trump’s tweets.
  • I think the press should stop acting bewildered every time Trump does something stupid….that is the new normality of America – get used to it.
  • I think the press should just start writing the facts regarding Trump’s tweets etc. rather than having a debate about it – there is no use arguing or justifying the pig.
  • I think instead of people getting angry and being abusive to other people, they should get involved and make a difference for whichever area they feel like – environment, economy, voter rights, women’s rights etc. 
  • I think everyone needs to realize the importance of education.
  • I think people should get to the know the difference between facts and lies. And please stop using the word "Falsehood" - can we just say "lie" for something that is not true?
  • I think we should hold people accountable for their words. Words mean something - they are not just alphabet soup one vomits from their mouths. And words have consequences..... 
  • I used to think Americans were sensible people, capable people and innovative - they have proven me all wrong this year! Or maybe not - they have shown me how innovative they can be!
  • I will add more as I think more........

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