Sunday, December 6, 2020

The Last Days of Trump Reality Show

People have always thought that Trump was the president and should be treated like one. In reality he was always just Trump with all the perks of the presidency with none of the responsibilities. He never cared about anyone but himself throughout his four years and its ending on that note as well.

People voted him in to bring about change - and they got change. One of the things that republicans always want to do when they get into the government is to break it. Why? And then they want to keep getting elected again and again so they can stay in the broken government. They are completely demented. And obviously they don't have need to help the people who elected them because they are in it to break the system.  And their electorate is so stupid they keep electing them again and again - masochists. Or actually their leaders are so good in convincing them that the "other side" is preventing them from doing anything - when reality is something else.

Trump was the chief of all. He is the ultimate con man. He has been perfecting it all his life. All he can do is bully, grieve, be a victim and not take responsibility for anything. All he wanted was personal benefit from the presidency. He only knows how to do transactions in money so all his dealings were purely bank oriented and the more for him the better. He completely took advantage of doing business at his properties where ever he could. It was all about him and his family. His daughter and son in law are as big of grifters as he is and his two older sons are equally selfish.

I don't know why reporters were always respectable to him - he wanted to use them or they were the enemy. Reporters should have treated him like the reality star he was and held him to that standard. He was never the president that everyone wanted to think he was. He had no respect for the office, for his cabinet, for his colleagues or even his voters. He is a person of no character and no morals and never will be. All throughout the pandemic he had super spreader events making his own supporters sick. How can such a person be taken seriously?

The presidency meant nothing to him except power to do whatever he wanted, punish whoever he wanted, fire anyone and of course make money....not to forget enjoy golfing on his own clubs. Again, no character.

Despite all this everyone is talking as if his words have any meaning. They don't. He is not ruining democracy by not acknowledging the results. He sounds like a deranged old geyser and a sore loser. I know he has that position of presidency but until now he has never done anything to be deserving of that job so why now? Our democratic systems are working just fine - voting was fine, counting was fine, people stood by the results ethically. 

What is really not working is the republican party - the congress - they are the ones who are the true enemies of the people and looking to end democracy. They are the ones providing oxygen and water to Trump. What people are not able to see is that the republicans are the ones who are doing the most damage. All of them should be held accountable - but the will not, because they are lucky, their constituents are stupid and ignorant. 

Sadly, we are going to be stuck in this rut until people start becoming more educated and understand what is happening in their own lives - who is for them and who is against their interests. But again, sadly their interests are so narrow and short term that they cannot see far enough for what is good for everyone. When you cannot see a human being as a human, everything is lost.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

The Wuhan Virus - 9 months later

 It has been 9 months since we in USA have been in limited mobility due to the Wuhan virus. I cannot even call it Wuhan virus anymore - because USA now owns this virus. I cannot believe I live in the most advanced country with the most cavemen like thinking of so many people. How did it come to this?? One answer - Trump. When someone at the top with the blowhorn keeps insisting it's a hoax then people tend to believe him. Also, these are the same people who voted for him. And sadly, they are everywhere.....

I wish it were possible to take all the people who did not believe in the virus and put them in one state and lock that state down. Let them kiss and go to the bars and enjoy their freedom as much as they want there. That way I can can enjoy my freedom here with my mask on. These stupid people keep contaminating the system. And their leader who does not give a damn about them keeps stoking all this freedom nonsense.

How can one convince someone who is dying of the virus that they are dying of the virus if they choose not to believe? How do you tell them the virus does not care what you think - it's there and it loves your lungs. 

More than 270,000 people have died - more than in any country and yet there is no sight of brakes in this ride. These people who don't wear the masks are the prolifers. They don't see 270,000 embryos in these poor souls who died (okay - some were not poor souls - some were the idiots who did not believe in the virus in the first place.) I hate the double standards of these prolifers - they allow people to die of the virus but want to protect the embryo in a woman's womb. It makes it clear that these people have nothing to do with life - they want to control a woman - that is all - plain and simple.

Anyone who says that God will take care of them should not be allowed to carry a gun and should not be allowed to go to a hospital when they are sick. Just leave those people with their Gods. 

It will take a year or two before life feels normal again. When will we feel comfortable going out in public without a mask? Washing hands is a good thing - but until now I had not used hand sanitizer like the way I have now. I don't know when I will feel normal again. 

This virus could have been controlled easily if everyone had just followed some simple guidelines. We are all suffering because of the few million who refuse to listen.