Sunday, March 24, 2019

White Supremacy

With the number of attacks going up because of white supremacy, I feel I should write a few things on my mind. First white supremacy is nothing but white ISIS/al-kaida or simply a group of terrorists. They are just white - that's all. Their leaders are equivalent to Osama bin Laden, plain and simple.

These white supremacy groups sadly are not recognized by American government (or I think any other government) as terrorist groups because these governments are generally also white. Their attacks are also not called terrorist attacks. They are classified differently. Why? Again white supporting white?

In my opinion any race/religion that kills any other one is not "superior" - they just have more weapons and they cause terror in people's lives. So the main culprit here really are the weapon makers. They provide a means for these delusional people to go out and kill innocent people.

When I look at some of these white supremacist terrorists who are caught or shown in videos parading etc., there is nothing they are saying or doing that makes them superior. Just because you are white does not make you superior. Look at what you are doing - your actions are what make you superior. If you are not doing good for the society then you are not a good person. I know the white supremacist thinks they are doing good for their white people - but how? That is not clear to me.

In my opinion, wherever the white people have gone, they have caused only death and misery to that host country. They have killed indigenous people and caused them to become a minority in their own country, they have looted countries, they have displaced people by taking them as slaves.  They have forced indigenous people to change their religion, way of life and education. This has happened in African continent, Asian continent and in the South American continent. How much more damage are they going to cause? And now they think they are being suppressed? What a whole lot of BS.

The whole reason behind Brexit has been also the increased immigration into Britain. So British can go anywhere and invade but no one should come into Britain?? Also, why would anyone come there if there were no jobs in Britain. Which then means that the British did not want to do the jobs that the immigrants took. Same thing is happening in USA. The "white" Americans don't want to do certain jobs so they hire cheap labor from other countries and then they cry that their jobs are being taken away.

When I went through the green card process, my job had to be advertised and made sure that no American applicant was qualified for the job. And no one was! It means Americans are not qualified to do intellectual jobs, but they also don't want to do the non-intellectual ones. What do they want? The government to keep giving them money? If not, then get out there and work. There is always work for anyone who wants to work.

Back to white supremacy. This will not go away any time soon. Until the whites acknowledge that America is not theirs alone, it was founded on immigration. It really belongs to the natives who were here before the whites stepped on the continent and decided to decimate the natives. If they want a "white" country, maybe they should go back to Britain or Ireland or wherever they came from.