Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Black Lives Matter

 Why would we have to say Black Lives Matter if they did matter? No one ever said White Lives Matter or Chinese Lives Matter. We have to say BLM because their life is in danger....all the time. I think the media has also helped bring it to light lately. For all of us who were living our lives blisfully ignorant about all the police killings going on, it was wake up call. I knew about all this but not to the extent that it has been going on.

I have become more aware of for the past 8 years when it young Trayvon Martin was shot for no reason but wearing a hoodie. How can that happen in such an advanced country? Since then I have been observing more of these incidents and each time they seem more and more wrong.

How can any human live with such wrong doing? Why don't more Americans stand against this kind of police killings? I thought about this a lot and only answer is that the police don't think of these Blacks as human beings. Now that there have been more videos of the shootings, it is clear that the police is racist.They are not protecting all Americans, only the white ones.

Last night was the ultimate. I was sleeping at night when a car drove by on Jog road and something from it sounded like three - four loud thumps. I woke up with a startle and thought someone was banging my door. It was the car and not my door. But I was awake for a long time, thinking about what happened to Breonna Taylor. The police did not even give her the courtesy of knocking on her door! They just came in and shot her eight times. And all the time I thought, if some cops had come in and shot me, what would they say to my family? How would they get around it and blame me for my shooting. What kind of lies would they tell to protect themselves? 

The police here seem to be above any law and with no consequences. When the security of a country is based false values there will never be any justice. I had such a high opinion of America but it turned out to be another corrupt country.