Sunday, December 18, 2016

President - 3 or 4....

This one is dedicated to Trump....

This man never laughs. He does not have any friends.  I feel like one of the reasons he ran is so he can surround himself with people. And now he is the king....he is surrounding himself with his once enemies (the people he bullied). He seems to want to say to them, "Look I won - you did not!". That is why he is calling them all one by one or collectively to his "towers" and making them kiss his feet.

Now he will have friends!!

This man does not have friends. One does not have to read about him to know that fact. Children are dear - that is one thing - but the way he hangs on to his is like his lifeline. 

One of my biggest problem with him is that he has never had to work a day in his life.  He had everything given to him by his father. Every time he needed money all he had to do was ask his Dad! The same goes for his children. They have been raised with not a silver but gold spoon in their mouth. And now these people will be running the USA! Wow!

All Trump wants is a way to get even richer. That is why he admires Putin. He was endorsed only by one billionaire, Thiel.  All the others know he is a fake. He wants to use his presidential stamp and USA's money and strength to make himself richer. He already has his name licensed everywhere - so as he is conducting government work (which god knows if he will do) - he will promote his business. His children are always sitting in on all the meetings - why? This is such a mess.

And worst of all - this man does not read .... at all. His attention span is only 140 characters! So he can only do is twitter. What an intellectual we have as a president. It is so embarrassing.

Most of his supporters hated Hillary so much that they don't realize that they have just given the con man the treasury. He is now appointing all people to dismantle everything possible including freedom of speech which he is doing himself.  I don't know how America can tolerate this. This is not why I came to America.

I hope some of these wonderful leaders of ours (Obama, Warren, Sanders etc) will come forward and put and end to this hostile takeover by Trump.

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