Sunday, September 7, 2008

Coservatives vs Liberals

Following all the election news the past few months, its a little surprising for me to see how divided (still) America is on values. We define our candidates as liberal or conservatives. And for us the liberal and conservatives have a some major differences, but the one that stands out clearly is: relegious values. Why religion? Does a religious person make better choices that an athiest? Does an athiest not have to eat and go to work...or deal with the same issues a religous person does? Just because I may not believe in "the" god (the ones that conservatives have a hold on) does not mean I don't know what the current issues are or what is good for the country or make good decisions. Big discussion point here.

Despite how small the world is getting we still don't see the big picture. I know it is important to know how one will drive to work tomorrow in order to get the paycheck which will let one survive in this world. But if all we care about is our small immediate needs, then that is what we will get as a result, we will not be able to see big changes in our society and consequently the world. One should learn to live beyond our small circle and enlarge it to include the community, the state, the country and finally the whole globe.

I don't think it is liberal to think that I should:
  • try to use alternative sources of energy.
  • try and help my neighbor in times of need.
  • try to make this world a better place for everyone.
  • help the lower income group become more independant and less dependant on the government.
  • penalize anyone who is different from me - in ethnicity, religion or the choices they make.
  • respect one and all for who they are.
For me just voting for a woman or colored candidate is not enough. What the candidate stands for is what is important.