Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The New President...continued

I am so concerned about what is going on with this "presidency" that is going to happen next year. It seems that

  • Trump has done so many turn abouts on his issues that I am getting a vertigo just from keeping current with his thoughts on a topic "today".
  • He selection of cabinet are such a minority group with such extreme views on everything from energy to health care to national security. All these people were not even supported by their own party but now they will get to make policies for all of America. All the dirt that had settled to the bottom is floating on the surface.
  • Given his conflict of interest with his businesses he should never have been a candidate.
  • He has still not released his tax returns.
  • He lies all the time. Does that not bother anyone? 
  • He has this weird love hate relationship with the press. And the press is just chicken! Washington Post, NY Times has had some scathing articles but nothing has come out of it. These newspapers are "read" by the educated "elite" people - the people who support Trump have no place for facts or newspapers in their life. They get their news from the fake news on Facebook and their own ingrown news sources.
I don't understand why people are not demanding more "actual" transparency from this guy. But I guess that is why he was elected - because only "he" can save this country!

And the tweeting....it drives me crazy that this man is so shallow that and he has no self control.

He is treating all this like a reality show; how many followers I have, my poll numbers are looking good, people really like me, only I know what is going on, my business will not affect my governing job (yeah right!).  All the people going in and out of Trump tower - just like a show. It's like he is setting up his own private company - which he probably is! And the press is so crazy! They are not dealing with the real issues and pressing for facts.  They are truly just "reporting" - that is what they are - reporter. They don't seem to have much to do with fact checking or holding anyone accountable, or a good follow up, even though they know that this guy accuses them all the time of lying...They are not even standing up to him.

Everyone seems to have lost their backbone....all spineless characters...and that includes the democrats.

Trump paid 25 million to settle the Trump Univ case....how much will suck out of USA during his time in the office? I feel like all women's rights will go back to the medieval ages, pollution will be rampant with the deregulations and the only people making the money will be the rich people.  He is going to leave all others behind.

The people who voted for him got scammed....just like his Trump Univ claims.  America will suffer a lot by the time these people realize they have been scammed and all of us will have to pay for their uneducated, stupid, racist mistake.

Already this country is lacking in education, and being a professor and seeing these students sometimes makes me worry even more about the future of this country.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

New President - 2016

I woke up today like a number of Americans to find out that a reality star is our new president. My feelings have been intense all day trying to process this. I have been listening to NPR, reading articles online to see what the heck happened.

First and foremost I think this country could not handle a black president for 8 years. It was very hard for it and having Hillary run against a white man was just the straw that broke the camel's back. America is still quite racist and sexist.  I have felt these feelings myself even as a highly educated woman.  I can imagine what the white and black women go through all the time.

Here is a great opinion that I think is the truth..."This is Racism". I always felt this has been going on for 8 years since Obama became president.  Of course a lot of people are now coming out and saying it was the economics and there was this "forgotten" America.  Sure - but why did this America let itself be like that? Why did they not keep up with times? I have more to say on this....another blog.

The other thing that has been illuminating for me is how many uneducated Trump voters are. So now there is so called "war" between the intellectuals and non.  Again this was because the Obamas were such high class intellectuals.  All the white uneducated could never connect with the intellectual blacks. And there is more to this....again - later blog.

When Obama won - he got the Nobel Peace prize; and a Trump win - he got protests and fear. That shows what kind of candidate he is.  Trump lied and lied and lied, people heard what they wanted to hear and voted. Soon they will realize he will not do anything for them. Trump is only for Trump. His children and his loyalists will prosper. Meanwhile the whole country will be at unrest and live in fear of their lives and lifestyle.  All he wanted to do was win, like in a competition.  He never thought he would win.  

He ran against the establishment – now he has become the establishment.  And he is surrounding himself with establishment and lobbyists - the swamp that he wanted to drain!! Sure!!  And his establishment is really the scary establishment.  He will try to make the most money he can.  He does not care about the people or the environment – so they both will suffer.  For all his rhetoric and rallies ... Sorry America…..I don't believe there will be improvement in anyone's life except his inner circle.

I really feel for Mother Earth though.  She is really going to suffer under Trump. As mush as Obama loves the nature, this man is completely anti environment.  Luckily for me, I have no children to leave this beautiful earth to. When I die – I die peacefully alone. I don’t feel the responsibility that people with kids and grand kids feel. I can help them – but they really should answer to their kids as to why they let their hatred and ignorance elect a lying narcissistic president.

I feel scared for science.  Most Republicans have shown their disdain for science and facts.  Will we be able to make any progress in this area?  I feel life has come to a stop - and the things that will take hold are racism, discrimination, women's rights and basic humanity. Fear and uncertainty will rule. 

And just like all Americans think I am answering for all Indians, I will now ask all white people to own up to their fellow American's decisions. God help us!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Movie Review: Room

I just saw the movie Room (2015) yesterday.  I knew what it was about but seeing it made such a difference. I kept thinking about it all night and of course today....

The movie is about a young woman (Brie Larson - who won Oscar and many more awards for this movie) who has been kidnapped by a man and kept in a room for who knows how long. She has a 5 year old son (Jacob Trembly) so we know she has been held captive for at least 6 years.  The movie starts with her son, Jack, turning 5. They are trying to celebrate it like a normal birthday by making a cake together.  It is very sweet to see the relationship Joy has with her son. She is the only adult in her son's life. She is very protective of her son and does not let the father (her kidnapper) even near him.  It is amazing all the things she tries to teach him with such limited resources. She can cook, they watch TV, they have some books and a skylight from where to see the sky.

Jack is very sweet, intuitive and curious little boy. It was so nice to see that despite Joy's situation, she tried very hard to teach her son so many good things, which are more obvious later in the movie.

By careful planning on her part and bravery of her son, they escape the "Room". The latter part of the movie was about them adjusting back into the normal with her mother and step father.  This is a complete other relationship analysis. Joy's own father refuses to look at her son and just leaves Joy with her mother (Joan Allen).  Joan is grounded as is her second husband. Slowly they try to integrate Joy and Jack back into normal life.

Jack is so resilient - with help from a doctor he slowly he starts talking more and going out.  Joy on the other hand is judged by the media and falls into depression.  She needs help! Jack is left without her for the first time. He manages well.  The sweetest part of the movie is about his hair.  He never cut his hair in the "Room" so it is long. He does not want to cut it when he is out of the "Room" because that is where his "strong" is.  That is so sweet! But then when his Ma goes into therapy, he cuts his hair to send it to her so she can have his "strong".  So small yet such strength.

All relationships are shown so nicely. Even the step father is shown to have a great character. He does not rush anything, just like the mother (Joan).  He takes it easy and soon Jack starts talking to him on his own.

I felt that a lot of adversity and hardships can be overcome with love and support. A mother's love for her son and to protect him and to make sure he will have a normal future.  The love of a mother who suffered when her daughter was kidnapped and now is so patient and supportive of her. Beautiful movie.  I just fell in love with little Jack.