Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The New President...continued

I am so concerned about what is going on with this "presidency" that is going to happen next year. It seems that

  • Trump has done so many turn abouts on his issues that I am getting a vertigo just from keeping current with his thoughts on a topic "today".
  • He selection of cabinet are such a minority group with such extreme views on everything from energy to health care to national security. All these people were not even supported by their own party but now they will get to make policies for all of America. All the dirt that had settled to the bottom is floating on the surface.
  • Given his conflict of interest with his businesses he should never have been a candidate.
  • He has still not released his tax returns.
  • He lies all the time. Does that not bother anyone? 
  • He has this weird love hate relationship with the press. And the press is just chicken! Washington Post, NY Times has had some scathing articles but nothing has come out of it. These newspapers are "read" by the educated "elite" people - the people who support Trump have no place for facts or newspapers in their life. They get their news from the fake news on Facebook and their own ingrown news sources.
I don't understand why people are not demanding more "actual" transparency from this guy. But I guess that is why he was elected - because only "he" can save this country!

And the tweeting....it drives me crazy that this man is so shallow that and he has no self control.

He is treating all this like a reality show; how many followers I have, my poll numbers are looking good, people really like me, only I know what is going on, my business will not affect my governing job (yeah right!).  All the people going in and out of Trump tower - just like a show. It's like he is setting up his own private company - which he probably is! And the press is so crazy! They are not dealing with the real issues and pressing for facts.  They are truly just "reporting" - that is what they are - reporter. They don't seem to have much to do with fact checking or holding anyone accountable, or a good follow up, even though they know that this guy accuses them all the time of lying...They are not even standing up to him.

Everyone seems to have lost their backbone....all spineless characters...and that includes the democrats.

Trump paid 25 million to settle the Trump Univ case....how much will suck out of USA during his time in the office? I feel like all women's rights will go back to the medieval ages, pollution will be rampant with the deregulations and the only people making the money will be the rich people.  He is going to leave all others behind.

The people who voted for him got scammed....just like his Trump Univ claims.  America will suffer a lot by the time these people realize they have been scammed and all of us will have to pay for their uneducated, stupid, racist mistake.

Already this country is lacking in education, and being a professor and seeing these students sometimes makes me worry even more about the future of this country.

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