Sunday, November 6, 2016

Movie Review: Room

I just saw the movie Room (2015) yesterday.  I knew what it was about but seeing it made such a difference. I kept thinking about it all night and of course today....

The movie is about a young woman (Brie Larson - who won Oscar and many more awards for this movie) who has been kidnapped by a man and kept in a room for who knows how long. She has a 5 year old son (Jacob Trembly) so we know she has been held captive for at least 6 years.  The movie starts with her son, Jack, turning 5. They are trying to celebrate it like a normal birthday by making a cake together.  It is very sweet to see the relationship Joy has with her son. She is the only adult in her son's life. She is very protective of her son and does not let the father (her kidnapper) even near him.  It is amazing all the things she tries to teach him with such limited resources. She can cook, they watch TV, they have some books and a skylight from where to see the sky.

Jack is very sweet, intuitive and curious little boy. It was so nice to see that despite Joy's situation, she tried very hard to teach her son so many good things, which are more obvious later in the movie.

By careful planning on her part and bravery of her son, they escape the "Room". The latter part of the movie was about them adjusting back into the normal with her mother and step father.  This is a complete other relationship analysis. Joy's own father refuses to look at her son and just leaves Joy with her mother (Joan Allen).  Joan is grounded as is her second husband. Slowly they try to integrate Joy and Jack back into normal life.

Jack is so resilient - with help from a doctor he slowly he starts talking more and going out.  Joy on the other hand is judged by the media and falls into depression.  She needs help! Jack is left without her for the first time. He manages well.  The sweetest part of the movie is about his hair.  He never cut his hair in the "Room" so it is long. He does not want to cut it when he is out of the "Room" because that is where his "strong" is.  That is so sweet! But then when his Ma goes into therapy, he cuts his hair to send it to her so she can have his "strong".  So small yet such strength.

All relationships are shown so nicely. Even the step father is shown to have a great character. He does not rush anything, just like the mother (Joan).  He takes it easy and soon Jack starts talking to him on his own.

I felt that a lot of adversity and hardships can be overcome with love and support. A mother's love for her son and to protect him and to make sure he will have a normal future.  The love of a mother who suffered when her daughter was kidnapped and now is so patient and supportive of her. Beautiful movie.  I just fell in love with little Jack.

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