Friday, November 18, 2011

Inventory of Life

Some days we just have to sit down and take an inventory of what is going on in our life.  What have I accomplished so far?  And was that my goal?  For me my life goal has always been to grow into a better person.  We have this gift of life to make something of it.  We usually lose this opportunity by running after materialistic things and looking for accolades all our life. The accolades are not just the awards at work but also the need to always please people around us so that they like us. (There is a difference between pleasing others for others and pleasing others for ourselves.)

One simple way we can improve our life would be to periodically take an inventory of self and see how much we have grown or changed during our life. We know ourselves the best. (If you don't know your own qualities/characteristics then you have a long journey ahead of you!)  However, if we do know ourselves, then we should take some time to dwell upon our progress: as a person of materialism and spirituality.

Materialistically speaking:
  • Have we acquired new items?
  • Do we keep having the desire to buy things in order to keep up with the times?
  • Do we keep wishing we could get more money just to see our bank balance grow? or more money so we could buy new things? 
  • When we go to work - do we feel like we have some higher purpose to serve? or are we just there to earn money for our family and ourselves? 
  • Do we crave for awards and promotions?
  • And many more things that we can touch and put a price on.....

Spiritually speaking:
  • Have we made anyone happy lately?
  • Have we done anything good for anyone lately?
  • Have we kept up our end of the bargain in a relationship - any relationship: brother, sister, son, wife, friend, etc.?
  • What do we ask from God when (if) we pray? (Be honest now!)

As I have gotten older I have realized that taking inventory is very important in life.  It helps me to filter out the good from the bad and keeps me on track of where I am going. So somedays (like today) I will sit and reflect on what I have done and how I have changed over time.  My goal of improving myself personally has a lot of flexibility since I don't really need to go to a college for this.  If I know what the good qualities are then I can incorporate them in my life myself.

For some people it is important to go to spiritual talks, listen to spiritual songs, do jap, or go to the temple.  For is to look inward in my heart. Which is why this is my favorite bhajan (with a bonus - my favorite actress - Meena Kumari). 

Coming up Next: This big group of people in our life called "friends".


Davendra Gupta said...

SELF evaluation is the basic and first step for SELF realization. But any kind of evaluation , especially if it is done by self, needs some established standards (MAAP DAND ), otherwise our evaluation goes wrong based on our own values. It is important if some could rely on some one and ask them to give their evaluation. Everybody is right in his/her own way.For progress in area of life ( materialistic, , intellectual or spiritual ), periodic evaluation as important as the life itself.

Sushma Gupta said...

Yes, You are right, we all should evaluate our lives at some point and then go from there. But the question is how many think about it? Then whoever think about it, how many are capable of evaluating it? And the people who are capable to evaluate themselves, how many do it objectively? And even if one has evaluated it objectively, how many can improve upon it? It is very difficult to change oneself, still it is a long process...... But it is a good idea..

Sapna said...

Dear Papa: Yes, most people think they are right even though they are wrong, which is why I wrote that they have a long journey ahead of them. I do think most people in their deepest of the heart know that what they are doing is right or not - they may convince themselves of whatever they want to - but really their heart knows the truth.