Monday, November 14, 2011

Pragyopnishad Part 3 – Family – Child Rearing

Chapter 4 – Child Rearing

Healthy children should be brought into this world – handicap and mentally challenged children are a burden on the society.   Anyone bearing children without taking on the responsibilities will only be hurt and sad and so will their children.

  • You don’t need to have kids to be successful in life. 
  • Healthy parents produce healthy babies – physically and mentally. 
  • Kids will learn from their environment from seeing their parents.
  • Sons and daughters should be treated equally; daughters sometimes better because she is part of two homes. 
  • Pregnant women should take care of what they eat, listen and talk during pregnancy as the unborn kid can be affected by it. 
  • Give kids good education, love but keep a good discipline. Don’t beat or scold kids but do maintain discipline. 
  • Kids should be taken to travel with parents to new places so they can grow to be inquisitive. 
  • Make sure kids keep good company.
  • Kids should be well rounded regarding their surroundings, education and world. 
  • Kids should work at home as members of the family. 
  • Kids are affected less by hot and cold and sickness but more by good and bad behavior. 
  • Don’t get kids married until they are earning.
  • Girls should be educated and self-reliant so that after marriage, if needed, she can work.

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