Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pragyopnishad Part 3 – Family and Couples

Chapter 1 - Family
Family is like a small country. Society make up is dependent on family makeup.  Family members should each understand their responsibilities to make a good family.  They should care for each other.

Small family size is good otherwise woman’s health is endangered and the man also keeps thinking about earning more money to support all instead of other big ideas.  Children will not be able to grow up well if the family is too large.  One moon is enough for the night.  Lots of stars cannot do what one moon can do for a dark night.

Keep the house clean.  Clothes, people etc should all be clean.

Chapter 2 - Couples
As one is growing up he learns a lot from his society, so when he grows up and has a family he should not forget that debt.  Meaning he should give back to the society.

Marriage should neither be too early nor too late.  People who don’t earn money should not marry. Always look for values and character before marrying the person.  Weddings should be a simple affair not flamboyant.
  • Couples should be one life with two bodies.
  • They should be affectionate, cooperative and respectful of each other.
  • They should trust each other. 
  • Keep mending mistakes and forget the past ones. Don’t be vengeful.
  • They should politely and softly settle any disagreements.
  • Neither should be obstinate or take sides.
  • They should keep themselves in the other person’s shoes when listening to problems so they can be more thoughtful of each other.
  • Don’t get mad if you don’t get your way.
Live a simple life otherwise all the money will go into looking pretty and there will not be enough to live on.

One should not waste too much time on useless friends.  It is waste of time and money.  Chose your friends as the ones who help you grow intellectually.

One can live in a joint family with love and respect.  Because of changing times there is a generation gap.  Just because an elder is telling you to do things does not mean it is always right. Do it only if it is right for the times.


Davendra Gupta said...

Nice write up; keep it on; it would be a good collection after some time; with most of us the problem is that while reading such things, we appreciate but we do not try to follow them in real life.

Sushma Gupta said...

Are you writing a book on family and family relationship?

Sapna said...

Mom....these posts are from Shriram Sharmaji's Pragyopanishad. I read it all when I was at DSVV, of course I cannot translate as well as you can :-) But I gave it my best shot becuase I really liked what he is teaching.