Thursday, August 25, 2011

3rd June: Shivir - Day 3

Morning session

The speaker read Sharmaji’s book "Who is God". (I did not take notes, I thought I would read the book later but did not get a chance).  Some of the talk was about maintaining good health –
  • Drink two glasses of water as soon as you get up in the morning.
  • Eat ankurit ann (sprouts) twice a week at least – this provides all the protein one needs in a week.
  • Exercise to the point of sweating.
Other things of importance:
  • Obey some sort of discipline in life – have some dharm in life. Best is to obey laws of humanity.
  • Have compassion towards everyone.
  • Just like we keep looking at the watch for time, the watch asks the person to watch the following things.
                W – words (watch your words - what you say and to whom)
                A - actions (have good actions in life)
                T – time? (I don't remember this one at all!)
                C - character (mind your character - keep it clean)
                H – heart (have a good and pure heart)
Afternoon session

Krishn said to Arjun
  • Bhakt is good but knowledgeable devout (bhakt) is better.
  • Seva is good but if a strong person does seva it is even better
Krishn does not like
  • Sick person but a youth who is sick is worse. 
  • A person who does bad actions is bad but a knowledgeable person with bad actions is worse.
Evening session
Session was all about the importance of ayurvedic medicine and cultivating good eating habits. For example don’t keep eating all day. Have some discipline in eating habits – that is why Shantikunj makes food only twice a day. You have to give your stomach time to digest the food you ate, you cannot keep putting food in it if the prior food has not finished digesting.

Peronal Progress

Sleep and food are not adjusted yet, I did not eat anything today – just a couple bananas. Maybe it is the heat and the fact the light keeps going out and waking me up. Hopefully I will be okay by tomorrow.

I visited DSVV today and met with Dr. Chinmay Pandya for the first time. After a little chit chat it did not seem he had an idea of what I could do with my time for 6-7 weeks. Its okay…maybe by the time I finish my shivir he will figure it out. The campus is really pretty. I got a mini tour and then stayed there for the 6 pm Nadyog (the evening meditation). It was really nice to sit near the Shiv temple and just be in peace for 15 mins. I cannot wait to get started here and move from Shantikunj – the crowd there is unbelievable!

I met someone from Delhi,who started giving me a lecture on the lack of culture in Americans. What about Indians?? The whole social reform of Sharmaji is about the lack of culture and compassion in Indians! So don’t tell me about Americans!

It is getting hotter by the day here…

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