Thursday, January 19, 2017

Trump's nominations

I don't know why so many people have their panties in a twist over Trump's nominations.  All these people have been waiting for someone like Trump to validate their ideas at a national level. Now they have their chance.  Some of these nominations are not qualified for the job, some don't know what the agencies do that they are supposed to head which the others have vowed to dismantle the agencies they are going to head.  

We don't have any say in any of this because American people chose Trump to make that decision for them. Don't know if this is really all they wanted but they will get it. All the liberal, righteous people can stop with the preaching because we are minority now. Uneducated, ignorant and rich people will rule from now on and feel good about destroying this beautiful country. I will not say all nominations are ignorant - however I will say that no one wants to tick of the big boss, Trump!! Republicans have majority right now with the a republican president - they are not going to do anything to mess with the boss's directions.

There is nothing the democrats can do about these nominations.  The republicans have a majority and they will confirm all these nominations. All these confirmations are just a show. 

My worry about all this is what we are trying to teach our younger generation? That it is good to be ignorant - you will still be eligible for a job? That only money talks? You pay enough to a political party and that qualifies you for a job. That you don't really have to know what agency you are heading - you can still be considered for the job? That you don't need to be ethical to be a good human being? 

There is so much wrong with all this....

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