Monday, January 9, 2017

Root of the Problem

Remove the root of the problem not the people who “use” the problem – guns, heroin. That is ignoring the problem.

The shootings are happening all the time.  There is no place that is off limits except the House and Congress because they don’t allow guns - how selfish of them!  But otherwise guns are everywhere. No place is safe anymore.  The mall, the airport, schools, university campuses – anywhere….The 2nd amendment supporters will say we need more guns so we can kill the people who are killing.  I don’t see any example of that.  So, a good guy with a gun is nowhere when a bad guy with the gun appears.  Of course, the answer is – everyone should be armed so one can shoot to kill at any time.  Wow! What a society we are raising.  Learning to shoot – all the time be on our guard so we can kill anytime!! I thought that is why we had the police/law enforcement.  But the police are so damn scared that they would rather shoot an unarmed person.  And if there is a shooter on premise then the whole army of police will show up! Ridiculous. So, there is a great imbalance and nonsense going on here. 

The 2nd amendment promoters have tried to arm everyone – and it’s working.  The shootings are happening more often and more human beings (and animals) are dying.  I wish just for two years they will try an experiment where only the police or law officials had guns. No citizen would have a gun. The need to kill for people does not go – one can kill with knives also, but less people can be killed by knives than with one single gun.  Just for two years – try the experiment.  If we have more gun violence in those years, then I will myself lobby for the gun industry.

The second issue that this bothering me a lot is this heroin epidemic.  More people are dying from heroin overdose than guns.  Officials are trying to study why people are doing drugs….NO…try to find out where they are getting the drugs from and shut that pipeline down.   But that is too difficult.  WHY?? I feel corruption and lack of effort are the answers. 

Regarding as to why people are doing drugs.  America is becoming too dependent on the drug industry – and now I mean the pharmaceuticals.  Any little pain, disorder and they run to the doctor for a pill.  And now many states have legal or medical marijuana available in their states. Oh well…that is a perfect recipe for addiction.  For a nation that is drug starved this is the perfect storm.  The pharmaceutical companies will soon start getting into the marijuana business also!  

Then we will just be a drug addicted-gun totting country out to kill anyone who disagrees with us on whether guns and pain killers are good for you or not.  Meanwhile Trump and his cronies will make all the money, there will be no money for healthcare – so all these people will die early (as the white women already are because of depression and drug overdose). I don’t know where this country is going.  I thought America was the greatest country in the world – what happened to being smart? Being ahead in technology and development? How can a foreign entity sway such a huge nation as USA??  Are we really that dumb? 

Well…. apparently so!

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