Monday, January 9, 2017

Building Walls and the Willfully Ignorant

Build friendships not walls. Be informed not remain ignorant.

It really bothered me when Trump started his campaign with building a wall between Mexico and USA.  What?? It just showed what kind of leader he was going to be – divide and conquer.  Well the conquer he has done – the division is working slowly. Things really have not gotten any better in his behavior (for me) – I still feel he is a vile hateful and vindictive human being. I don’t think my paycheck will get any better with him as a president – I think I will be paying more in health insurance (no ACA anymore) and my taxes will go up (to pay for that darn wall).  Neither of these things will benefit the people who voted for him but meanwhile all of us will suffer.  It is amazing how quickly he has alienated so many people in this one year. He has created fear and uncertainty.  I used to feel safe and free in this country – but not anymore.

The people who supported Trump are willfully ignorant.  All they want is a white man back in the “white” house.  How could a black man live in their “white” house! The women have so much more to grow. They would support a sexist, racist etc etc man in the house than a white woman who is generally balanced and will do only good for the country.  There is so much going on here that I cannot put into words.  We as women have a lot to grow and support each other in general.  There are multiple problems here – one I think is women have been dominated and controlled by men for so long that it will take them a long time to get out of that control. Especially the white man.  He is the most privileged man on this earth.  

One day all is going to fall apart and suddenly we will realize that we are all together in this world. All of us have something to offer, we are all in this together.  The earth does not belong to the richest – they just claim their stake on it. One day – it will all change!

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