Saturday, January 14, 2017

Trump.....4-5 whatever

As the inauguration date is coming closer, I am getting more disheartened by what is going on in the politics.  The republicans have shown their true colors by doing a 180 on everything they did with Obama.  I got angry when they said they did not want to work with Obama, but to to blatantly support a man of no integrity and morals and putting him above country is beyond what I had expected.  It is close to treason.  This is not just politics anymore. It is not about the country it is simply personal and racist.

I cannot write everything that I want to on Facebook, even though I do want people to know how I am feeling. I am getting tired of thinking about the hypocrisy of this whole situation.  Trump is not my president because he is Republican - he is not not my president because he is not a good human being. Period. He has no decency, no morals, no respect, no business acumen (as people say he has) - he is still building on his father's name. He is just an angry white man who got elected by a whole bunch of other angry white people. All are out of touch with reality.

I agree with Rep. Lewis - Trump is an illegitimate president. Read here.

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